a new program for energy and power systems in electrical engineering 

The program offers specialization in energy conversion and power systems. Its goal is to introduce modern power systems from a broad perspective, and to provide specific tools that will enable students to engage in cutting edge engineering and research activities. The preliminary program includes the following courses: Introduction to power systems and smart grids (046042).  Click for […]

Introduction to Power Systems and Smart Grids – 046042 

The course presents basic concepts in electric energy conversion, and discusses the principles of power systems and networks from a modern perspective. The course has two main parts: one that discusses network elements, and one that presents a top-down approach for power networks design, discussing power flow and stability in power grids. The course also […]

Linear Electronic Circuits – 044142 

This course is an introduction to analog electronics. We discuss the idea of linearization , and use it to explore analog circuits of increasing complexity. Several analog building blocks, such as basic amplification stages, current sources, and differential amplifiers, are explained. We also address the concepts of operational amplifiers, negative feedback, and stability. The students experiment […]